ESTIA had overcome many challenges in order to plan and organize activities in the community like the annual celebration of Saint Nektarios in Neo Psychiko. ESTIA initiated a number of events in the community such as celebrations and exhibitions where our service users would present their workshops creations. Every Christmas and Easter, service users have the chance to exhibit and sell their handmade items. One of the well-known exhibitions is “Marmalade Festival” which is held in the central square of Saint Sophia.

The event “Journey from the past to presence” was first introduced in 2003. Every year thousands of people visit Alsos Kifisias and Nea Smirni in order to participate in this event where they have the chance to identify the changes in people’s everyday life (cafes, patisseries, food stores, taverns etc).

There are music events and concerts where people can come closer and have fun.

In “Iliomageiremata”, we give the chance to out visitors to taste a variety of dishes that we cook.

We “Reduce the Distances” by visiting other boroughs like Klafthmonos, Faliro, Glyfada, Chalandri and Anavyssos, where we are welcomed to introduce our organization and display our activities.

We need to have “Fellow Travellers” in this journey. In 2007 we created a successful intellectual disability awareness campaign. Our slogan was “we hold the same ticket in life” and all staff of public transport participated in this campaign and we managed to distribute more than 2000 posters and 100000 leaflets in many places in Greece.

Additionally, ESTIA achieves the interaction between its service users and students from other schools without disabilities. All students meet in Dionisiou Areopagitou street in Zappeio and share their views and issues. A level students are anxious about university studies and our students are anxious about their independence and autonomy in their own home. ESTIA initiated an event called “My own Marathon”. Thousands of students participated in this event offering “Handles of love” in Attica.

Many people are interested in all of our events and have been supporting us for many years. Awareness activities don’t stop because our will for life doesn’t stop either.