Scientific Work

ESTIA organises 3 international conferences and supports the organization of 5 more international conferences. Also, ESTIA has organized more than 20 one-day scientific symposium, of a national or international level. The first International Conference was held 1991 to discuss about “the uphill road to vocational training” for people with intellectual disability. There were 28 countries participated in the Conference as well as 35 well known participants who promote the professional rehabilitation for people with disabilities. That was the stepping stone towards the planning of activities and events that would support people with disabilities to get a job.

In 2002 ESTIA organised the European Conference about leisure time and young people with intellectual disability. More than 30 participants from more than 10 countries presented the importance of leisure time for social inclusion.

In 2008, ESTIA organised the European conference “People with intellectual disability being active citizens of Europe” which highlighted the importance of inclusion in the political vision of Europe.

ESTIA initiated scientific Conferences and other events between Cyprus and Greece. One of the outcomes of this collaboration between Greece and Cyprus is Supported Living Accommodation.

ESTIA had done an innovative research in 1990 in collaboration with EOMMEX on the development of social business through secured employment which recently has been very popular.

ESTIA also completed many researches in collaboration with universities about the quality of life, the desire and need to move into their own house, inclusion in employment etc.