Additional programs


We value sports and its benefits in social inclusion, in entertainment and learning. Through sports our service users not only participate in events but also exercise and achieve. Our service users participated in national and international events such as Special Olympics. We are very proud to organize an annual event ‘Konialidion’ in honour of our benefactor Nikos Konialidis. It’s an event which runs for a week with the collaboration of the boroughs of Neo Psychico and Filothei. The Konialidion programme features 4 sports, athletics, swimming, bowling and table tennis. An international learning programme called ‘Through sports’, is the outcome of our initiative in organising sports events. Additionally, Bowlers is an international event which promotes social inclusion through bowling. We have set up a climbing club which participated in an international event in Belgrade. Through Sports we promote and celebrate the benefits of sports for a healthy life.


Theatre is one of the most significant arts which educates both actors and viewers. Our service users through their studies in theatre develop their social and communication skills. They learn how to express their emotions and they develop empathy as well as critical skills. Our service users need to be disciplined to the rules of theatre in order to be able to act.


This program supports our service users in understanding their obligations and in fighting for their rights. ESTIA values their opinion which empowers them which boosts their confidence. Our service users participate in conferences where they meet with others and exchange views on various topics.

«Being different makes you unique.»