European Programs

ESTIA is well known organization nationally and internationally. ESTIA has participated in more than 30 European and International programs for the past 20 years. ESTIA is leading the development and promotion of relations between countries.

ESTIA is a member of “European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities” (EASPD) for more than 15 years and organizes and promotes events in Greece.

ESTIA is also a cofounder of the European Network, Caravan 2000, which is active mainly in improving the quality of life and inclusion of people with learning disabilities.

ESTIA is also collaborating with other organizations like ARFIE, Youth of Europe, ENIL, FEANTSA etc.

          1997-2013 Youth Exchange Projects, within the framework “Youth in Europe”

          2006 “Photo Opportunities”  

          2007 “Bowlers

          2009 “Our free time”, England

          2009 “New ways of job training in Europe for handicapped people”, Germany

          2011 “Together we are strong”, Madrid, Spain

          2012 “Our rights to social inclusion”, Stockholm

          2012 “Moving to adulthood”- Grundtvig multilateral networks

          2013 “It’s your green European Citizen’s Right”- Environment, Employment and Education

          2013 Step By Step-Side by Side

          2014 Diaries of Unemployed

          2014 ELLA A European Lifelong Learning Academy-An education offensive for people with     disabilities- Grundtvig multilateral networks

           2017 STELLA –Staff’s European Lifelong Learning Academy –Erasmus +KA2

           2018 IE+ Promoting positive attitudes and evidence –based policy for inclusive education –       ERASMUS +KA3