Supported Employment

The centre of Supported Employment, founded in 1987, runs three workshops – carpentry, tailoring and candle making. Our service users have the chance to sell all the items which they produce, therefore they need to develop their social and professional skills.

In 1998, ESTIA sets up the Vocational Rehabilitation Service and the aim was the inclusion in employment. ESTIA tried to support all students to find a job or a placement to practice and develop their skills in a workplace.

This program enables all the service users of the workshops to use their knowledge and skills in a workplace. Also, the service users have the chance to be professional and have equal opportunities at work.

ESTIA collaborates with the boroughs of Neo Psychico, Filothei, Chalandri and Papagou as well as with organisations such as Bodossaki Foundation, British Council and companies like AB Vasilopoulos and Body Shop, in order to prevent the exclusion in employment. So far, ESTIA counts more than 40 service users who have been employed.

Additionally, our service users participate in programs of vocational rehabilitation and collaborate with national and European services towards inclusion in employment.